Dr. Miluna Fausch is an experienced speaker, businesswoman, and actor. Her style has been described as a combination of informative, provocative, elegant, and feminine.

When you need a captivating speaker, talented on-camera actor for your company or business, or a funny and evolved MC, hire Dr. Miluna today!

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I. Your Voice is Your Branding – use it for Good

Do you know how powerful your voice really is? Dr. Miluna uses her own personal story of discovering a tumor in her head and her journey back to health to illustrate how much your voice matters and how far it can take you.

In this inspirational, touching and fun talk (complete with silly props) she will teach you practical tips including:

  • The anatomy of your voice and the #1 thing you must do to build a rich, confident, influential voice
  • Belief & mindset – what it takes to stand out as an engaging and entertaining speaker
  • Discover that your voice is multi-dimensional and that it has intention and destination

II. How to be Heard in a World that Interrupts Women

In our world of distractions and interruptions, studies show that women are 50% more interrupted than men by both men and women. Women and men are finding it harder and harder to be heard in meetings where the alpha and extroverted dominate every discussion.

Learn practical, meaningful tips for more confidence, power, and influence including:

  • Body language and stage presence to command any stage
  • Power words and verbal communication hacks to hold your own in the board room, in the work space, and in your personal conversations as well
  • 3 ways you must think about your voice for authentic power and confidence

 III. Professional MC (emcee) for your Event or Fundraiser

Get the results you want – hire a professional for your event or fundraiser. Don’t risk losing your reputation, status, or raising less money than you could because the host is not skilled, trained, or does not have the personality & charisma to command the stage.

We will work together to customize a package that is absolutely, positively perfect for your fundraiser or event!

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