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Professional, Purposeful, and Polite Communication

Many religions teach us that our voice is the key to manifestation and that speaking can bring to life our creative genius. In Shamanism, the world’s oldest religion, your words are literally magic.

I had a fist-sized tumor that had to be removed from my head through surgery, and my clear and confident communication saved my life. I lovingly told myself to survive, knowing I was not “done” on this planet. I requested that my neurosurgeon play the music he loved in the operating room. I also asked that he and the medical team say only positive things while I was under sedation (a highly suggestive and vulnerable state), such as “Things are lookin’ good, Miluna; healing is happening.” And I was in constant dialogue with the Divine.

This is part of my story, what's yours? Are you impacting your leadership and leading your own life through purposeful and polite communication?

Read my feature on pages 56-57 of The Bellwether to find out more.


Transforming your Voice, Transforming your Career:

Have you considered how your tone of voice impacts your executive presence?

When we think about growing our influence and presence in the workplace, we often think of driving business metrics, increasing sales, or making ourselves more visible to higher-ups. However the numbers are simply one facet of your contribution to your team.

Have you considered that the language, tonality, and volume and inflection you use also plays a huge role in how others perceive you? In today's episode Dr. Miluna Fausch, an Executive Communication & Presence Coach, teaches listeners how to build confidence in their communication skills by leveraging one's whole self - physical, energetic, mental, and emotional - to influence others and achieve goals.

If you're looking for tips to uplevel your communication and presence in your career, this is the episode for you.

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Learn How to Find your Voice at an Executive Level

In this episode, Dr. Miluna shares how after going through her own health crisis she took control of her voice and now trains conscientious C-suite executives and thought leaders in confident, effective, high-frequency speaking, presenting, and stage presence using her exclusive Vocal Archetypes® system.


#Thought Leader Thursday with Suzanne Castle

What a treat to have Dr. Fausch in the studio discussing how can people know that their voice matters and how to align 2023 with your voice.

Dr. Miluna Fausch is an executive coach, healing practitioner, actor and the author of Uplevel Your Communication: Evolve Your Presence and Speech to Change Everything. She created her proprietary Vocal Archetypes® to train conscientious C-suite executives, founders and thought leaders in confident, high-frequency speaking, voice and presence.

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What does your Voice say about your Brand?

Tune in to my insightful conversation with the unparalleled Dr. Miluna Fausch, Executive Communication & Presence Coach, Healing Practitioner, and Professional Actor.

Dr. Miluna shares with us her wisdom of why our voice is our competitive advantage and why our voice needs to carry a resonance of power.

Dr. Miluna Fausch, dives deep into:

💡what love leadership is and how we can express it

💡what the things are that turn down our brand and confuse our potential clients

💡what the #1 thing is we can do to raise our presence and energy

💡how to move past habits that cause static interference with our message and brand

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Powerful Feminine Communication

In this episode, join Dr. Miluna and Victoria Sexton who talk about why it is so crucial for women specifically to find clarity and power in their voice and the way they speak.


Monterey Herald

"Author carries communication skills from performing arts into public speaking." Professor, writer, and editor Lisa Crawford Watson (and my friend) is a reporter for Monterey Herald and reports on books and their authors.


The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast

My guest today says: "Speak present tense words, for the present is where you receive.”

Why your Voice is Your Branding

On today’s show Miluna is going to share:

1. Why your voice is your branding – how to gain more clarity in your message and movement

2. How to tap into your Inner Voice for more personal power, influence, and ability to persuade

3. Why your Sovereign voice archetype is the one that leads your company

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Best Practices Featured Post Sometimes It’s Not About What You Tell Your Patients, But How You’re Saying It

In a world where harshness is the prevailing attitude and genuine care for people too often is an afterthought, patients seek a kinder, better experience at the doctor’s office.

I recently fired a concierge physician who presented himself as a kind, caring, integrative physician. But what I encountered was a messy, jeans-wearing man who was blunt, cold and emotionally crippled. He had an inability to listen and seemed to be more interested in his new telemedicine app venture.

So much for “bedside manner.” The business of doctors is supposed to be the care of humans. Remember the Hippocratic Oath? According to the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, “The Hippocratic Oath (Ορκος) is perhaps the most widely known of Greek medical texts. It requires a new physician to swear upon a number of healing gods that he will uphold a number of professional ethical standards.”


Tuesday Talks with Kristie Ondracek featuring Dr. Miluna Fausch

A great Tuesday Talks with Miluna Fausch, Ph.D. Make sure you take a few minutes to learn more about Dr. Miluna Fausch and how your voice is so important in today's world.

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The Prosper Project Show

Do you ever feel that your business messaging is misunderstood by your target audience? Do you sometimes have trouble communicating your message verbally?

In today's podcast, Lorraine talks with an inspiring businesswoman who uplevels communication for conscious leaders. Dr. Miluna Fausch has an intuitive problem-solving superpower that comes from years of multifaceted experience working in retail/sales, profiting as an entrepreneur, serving on nonprofit boards and performing as an onstage/onscreen actor. She has a B.S. in Music Business, a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology and a certification from Marianne Williamson as a Miracle-Minded Coach.


Healing Touch Professional Association - Member Spotlight: Dr. Miluna Fausch

This series highlights the diverse ways in which our HTPA Members are bringing Healing Touch into their profession, lives, and communities. Tune into this Member Spotlight to learn how clear, intentional, high frequency communication changes everything.


Dr Miluna Fausch On The 5 Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Public Speaker - An Interview With Fotis Georgiadis

At some point in our lives, many of us will have to give a talk to a large group of people. What does it take to be a highly effective public speaker? How can you improve your public speaking skills? How can you overcome a fear of speaking in public? What does it take to give a very interesting and engaging public talk? In this interview series called “5 Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Public Speaker” we are talking to successful and effective public speakers to share insights and stories from their experience. As a part of this series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Miluna Fausch.


Touch-a-Life Foundation

With complex careers and growing challenges… the role of leadership too has turned to be complex. Expertise and administrative skills aren’t just the ones needed by the present day leaders. They should be able to effectively communicate, inspire, and direct the stake holders. Here is Dr. Miluna Fausch turning executives into extraordinary leaders with her unique Vocal Archetypes℠ system. Here are few takes and tips from her coaching. Host: Chris - Corporate trainer, prosperity coach, keynote speaker and Award winning author.


Lessons for Financial Advisers From a Voice Coach

Insights include how to disagree without being disagreeable—and how to be benevolent, professional and courteous while still getting the job done.

Clear communication is what Miluna Fausch says saved her life 17 years ago, when doctors discovered a fist-sized tumor in the right side of her…


American Book Fest - Business Books Finalist

The world has a deep need for true leaders who are mature and move beyond their ego to get to the heart of the matter. The leaders of the future will be those who lead by example with emotional depth, character, candor, and humor; those who speak with intelligence and heart, compassion, and courage.

In UpLevel Your Communication, author Dr. Miluna Fausch helps executives and leaders learn to speak in a voice that is clear, charismatic, courteous, compassionate, courageous, and inclusive.


Will Your Leadership Stand Up in the Metaverse? How Your Voice Holds the Key

COVID-19 and the massive shift to remote work led many companies to change the way they hold meetings. They’ve grown accustomed to using virtual meeting apps, but as often happens in the fast-moving technology world, there’s another advancement around the corner, and it will impact businesses across the globe.

No less a technology authority than Bill Gates says the metaverse will be hosting most office meetings within the next two or three years. What that means for company leaders is the power and confidence they transmit with their voice will allow them the opportunity to…


USA Global TV & Radio Presents: The Film & Music Show



Align your voice with your purpose

Why we must uplevel and mature our language -How can a CEO or leader influence with their voice…

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USA Global TV Presents: The Power of Etiquette & Manners


ForbesBook Author Dr. Miluna Fausch is an Executive Communication Coach. She comes from show business as a professional actor and singer with a B.S. in Music Business and a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology.

Dr. Miluna has multi-passionate business experience in sales, 9–5, retail, investing, and serving on Non-Profit boards. Her gift for…


In Business Features Dr. Miluna Fausch: How Women – and Men – Can Find Power in Their Feminine Voice

Of the numerous attributes that make someone a leader, a masculine voice is a vital component in the corporate world, a recent study suggests.

While some people may view the value placed on “vocal masculinity” as a gender bias in the C-suite, another study found that both women and men prefer...

How To Command The Room - With Dr. Miluna Fausch



Discussion Topics: Align your voice with your purpose, Why we must uplevel and mature our language, How can a CEO or leader influence with their voice, What is the #1 key to compelling public speaking?


Dr. Gary McGrath - Leading From the Front!

Dr. Miluna helps people find their inner voice then express it. She completed her degree in music business then completed her educational journey with a PhD in Ph.D. Holistic Humanistic Psychology. Her Vocal Archetypes℠ system creates a clear understanding of how to use our voice to be more effective in different scenarios, with different people, to more effective leaders.


The Entrepreneurs Radio Show and Podcast

From the campus of Stanford University, The Entrepreneurs Show features in-depth, one-on-one interviews with driven entrepreneurs and high-performance individuals, as well as renowned thought-leaders committed to ideas, positive outcomes, and a better world.

Topics include innovative strategies, systems changing approaches, and disruptive technologies.