Pitch Perfect

For Startups

Life’s a Pitch…and you are building relationships & seeking funding, but having the following issues?

  • Have little experience with delivering a solid, consistent, compelling pitch

  • Find that you easily lose focus and start clearing your throat, freeze, or turn around and read your slides

  • Forget to say the key things that absolutely positively must be said when you pitch

  • Have no idea what to do with your hands and how to manage your computer/pointer/equipment and stay present in the room

  • Are confident in your native language, but you need help navigating in American English and with our pitch culture in the United States

  • You already have initial funding, but you don’t have the voice, presence, body language, or ability to think fast on your feet and handle the Q&A

So….you didn’t grab the attention of the perfect investor who could and would fund you!

Ask yourself, “how much longer can I afford to pitch poorly?”

Here are just 4 of the key areas of training you will experience through my custom 1-to-1 Mastery program designed for new Startups:

  • Your big audacious, and why that makes you stand out in the crowd

  • How to connect with people and work the room as you pitch

  • Delivering your pitch with a real, pure tone that attracts attention, fans and funding

  • Using humor and storytelling to build long-term relationships

This Accelerator includes the following:

  • Review of your pitch deck for content/clarity/ease

  • Eight (8) one hour 1-to-1 private, concierge, exclusive, private training sessions via Zoom video

  • Email and telephone support throughout your training

Private, confidential, and exclusive one-on-one training is also available!

Learn about our excellent one-on-one training today!  References are available, and a promise of satisfaction is in place.