Pitch Perfect For CEOs

Elevate your executive communication & presence

When it’s time to UpLevel your communication – are you?

  • The boss, but don’t talk like the boss? Your vocal power, presence and words must be clear, impactful, inclusive, and sophisticated
  • Losing credibility in front of your teams? You know that your voice is not reflecting your position and influencing others as it could
  • Highly educated, introverted and introspective, and you desire to communicate with more savvy and passion like an extrovert
  • Now making higher-stakes presentations in front of your departments or the board via Video
  • Choosing to be ready for the virtual world including media interviews, understanding the nuances and differences of each stage and venue.
  • Ready to learn language that is clear, courteous, courageous, conscious, and inclusive as the leader you aspire to be
  • At the point you want to anchor a powerful spiritual practice bringing more self-awareness, attention and love to build better relationships

​The key is to train to stay in the present moment and have “all circuits firing” at the same time to perform at your best. Through my proprietary 7-step Vocal Archetypes℠ system, you will finally express your superpowers, experience, and vision.

Private, confidential, exclusive, intentional 1:1 training is available for CEOs.

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