Pitch Perfect 1:1 Voice Activation - 30 day Offering

Are you aching to speak up and feel that your voice is blocked or stuck?

This program works on each core level of your being: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. I will be using a combination of my certifications in ARCH® healing and intuition, Vocal Archetypes® system, and Miracle-Minded Coaching to work with you intuitively and pragmatically in a sacred and safe space.

This is for the savvy and spiritually minded Executive, Leader or Professional who is focused on spiritual growth and advancement in order to fully embody and live the life of their dreams.

Think of this four (4) week 1:1 program as your Voice optimizer. You'll communicate to me what happens when you're not speaking up including what is happening in your body, what thoughts enter your mind, how you feel emotionally, and where you are spiritually.


How does the Activation work?

This comprehensive Activation includes: Four (4) 1:1 exclusive, private, 90-minute coaching sessions with (me) Dr. Miluna via recorded Zoom video.

Based on what you share and what I intuit, I will design a program that is exclusively for you. We will come together in personal, confidential, sacred space with these clear intentions:

  • I will recalibrate your voice and energy with ARCH® rainbow healing and toning
  • Removing the physical, mental and emotional barriers that are "silencing" you through Miracle-Minded Coaching
  • Loving yourself enough to speak up while "you do you"
  • Establishing a presence (stillness) practice
  • Learning solid techniques to continue to transform the power of your Voice
  • Practice public speaking in your authentic way as I craft a custom Vocal Archetype® recipe just for you

Dr. Miluna's Background & Credentials:

  • Miracle-Minded Coach – Trained & Certified by Marianne Williamson
  • American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness, New York City
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner (HHCP)
  • Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology
  • ARCH® “Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing”
  • Certified Vibrational Energy Healing Practitioner and Kahuna ARCH® Intuitive
  • Indiana State University
  • B.S. Music Business with a Minor in Voice Performance
  • Certified Level 3 Somatic Voicework™ Teacher, NYC
  • Voiceworks® Associate, Lisa Popeil, LA

These degrees and certificates are accompanied by private study and coaching in business, metaphysics, singing, acting, camera technique, improvisation, and care of the professional voice.

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