Pitch Perfect 1:1 Voice Activation

Do you feel that your inner voice is not expressed? Are you not speaking your heart's desires?

You were divinely designed to bring forth full expression as only you can, not suppress it. It's time to remove the barriers!

Think of this four (4) week program as your Voice optimizer. You will communicate to me what happens when you're not speaking up including what is happening in your body, what thoughts enter your mind, how you feel emotionally and where you are spiritually.


How to Get Started

Based on what you share and what I intuit, I will design a program that is exclusively for you.

We will come together in personal, confidential, sacred space with these clear intentions:

  • I will recalibrate your voice and energy with ARCH® rainbow healing and toning
  • To remove the physical, mental and emotional barriers that are "silencing" you through Miracle-Minded Coaching
  • Loving yourself enough to speak up while "you do you"
  • Establishing a presence (stillness) practice
  • Learning solid techniques to continue to transform the power of your Voice
  • Practice public speaking in your way as I craft a custom Vocal Archetype℠ recipe for you

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