Pitch Perfect 1:1 Training

Is your career stalled? It’s time to Upgrade your Executive Presence.

Are you?

  • Realizing that you are not communicating at the level you know you are capable of as an educated and knowledgeable professional
  • Not confident of your voice/role/impact in your company or business
  • Freezing or shrinking in front of small groups or large crowds? You know that your voice is not influencing others as it could
  • Highly educated and trained, but you live mostly in your head so your presentations and speeches aren’t captivating, and don’t have the impact that they must have
  • In a demanding role at your company and you love it, but now you’re making high-stakes presentations in front of your colleagues, boss, or the Board, and you are feeling anxious
  • Realizing that you don’t know how to deliver from stage, or how to put your talk together so that it flows with ease, style and humor authentic to you
  • Concerned that you will forget your words and positively dreading Q&A time

The key is to train to stay in the present moment and have “all circuits firing” at the same time to perform at your best.

Concierge, confidential, exclusive 1:1 training is available for C-Suite Executives, Thought Leaders, and key leadership teams.

Dr. Miluna's custom mastery programs help you find your own voice/role/branding within the company so that you can speak confidently, and present with excellence. Probable results include increased sales, improved relationships, and new opportunities for recognition and promotion.

References are available and a promise of satisfaction is offered.

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