Pitch Perfect 1:1 Training

Do you desire greater influence, happiness, confidence, and personal power?

If you are facing these issues, you will not find the solution by enrolling in another online business class!

When you don't feel heard or hold back, your career, life, and purpose are not fully expressed. Humans are designed to communicate, not suppress their own personal expression.

  • Floundering in a sea of not knowing how you should public speak & present on the video camera
  • How to make presentations that are way more than "good enough"
  • You know you ramble and don't get to the point. Learn when to speak and when to be silent to experience more power
  • Your relationships have suffered because of your language and delivery
  • How to show up and lead that virtual board meeting with heart
  • Handling conflict with more grace and wisdom
  • Yearning for more depth and meaning in your self-expression and leadership abilities
  • You took a public speaking class or two, but what you really need is deep, private, confidential coaching that will result in transformation

Learn intentional, purposeful speaking & leading that make all the difference in your career.

Concierge, confidential, exclusive, intentional 1:1 training is available for C-Suite Executives, Thought Leaders, and Key leadership teams. Dr. Miluna's custom mastery program helps you find your own voice, role & branding within the company so that you can speak confidently and present with excellence. Probable results include new video skills, a better voice, a stronger presence, increased business, visibility & promotion, and oh yeah, changing the world.

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