Pitch Perfect 1:1 Training

Do you desire greater influence, stage presence, confidence, and personal power?

Are you Ready to Effectively Say What Needs to be Said?

Today's CEOs and Leaders are expected to be seen, just like Celebrities.

What does this look like?

We train Executives and Leaders in the following five areas of love leadership. A custom combination and recipe based on your needs and desires is created just for you!

1. Mindfulness - establishing a presence (stillness) practice that allows you to stay in the moment, respond vs. react, and handle impromptu situations like Q&A, hecklers, and high stakes media interviews. This frees you to listen to your inner Voice, rather than an outside authority, which does not work

2. Speaking and Presenting in an intentional, confident, clear, compassionate, courageous, and influential way. This may include vocal exercises to open up the energy and power in your Voice

3. Learning and practicing Evolved and Enlightened Communication which reflects the level of your education, your position, and the contribution you bring to the World

4. Expanding and Building your "Delivery" skills including your presence and body language because how you say it is key

5. Move beyond any fears of being misunderstood or stiffness while being on camera

Is your Speaking Holding you Back? Tap into your Inner Voice, go beyond Words and Delivery to Influence & Persuade

Private, exclusive, intentional 1:1 and group training is available for C-Suite Executives, Thought Leaders, and Key leadership teams.

Dr. Miluna's custom mastery programs help you manage anxiety on camera, speak with authority, establish your credibility and identity, show up at your best, and make presentations like a RockStar.

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