Pitch Perfect 1:1 Training

Do you desire greater influence, stage presence, confidence, and personal power?

Are you Ready to Effectively Say What Needs to be Said?

Are you facing any of these skill gaps in your communication as a leader?

  • You're the boss, but don’t talk like the boss. Meaning that your vocal power, presence and words must be clear, impactful, inclusive, and considerate in order to influence and impact others
  • You've been told that you just don't understand the impact you have on others which is resulting in the breakdown of your relationships
  • Losing credibility in front of your teams? You know that your voice and delivery is not reflecting your position, authority, and level of contribution
  • You're highly educated, introverted and introspective, but you want to speak with more savvy and passion like an extrovert when called for
  • Now you're making higher-stakes presentations in front of your departments either in-person or on camera and you can't afford to look bad or fail
  • You or your people simply must have better conversations to grow revenue and build relationships and better cooperation with clients and customers
  • At the point where you want to anchor a powerful stillness practice which will quiet your nerves, slow you down, allow you to stay in the moment and actively listen, give you the ability to respond vs. react, show you how to handle Q&A and hecklers, and make you more relatable and connected to your team, clients and partners
  • Needing to move beyond any fears of stumbling or stiffness while being on camera

This coaching will give you the confidence and trust that is necessary for you to listen to your inner Voice (your inner authority) rather than an outside authority, which does. not. work.

Is your Speaking Holding you Back? Tap into your Inner Voice, go beyond Words and Delivery to Influence & Persuade

Private, confidential, exclusive, intentional 1:1 coaching is available for C-Suite Executives, Thought Leaders, and key management teams.

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