Pitch Perfect 1:1 Executive Communication Training

What would pure confidence, influence, and stage presence do for you and your career?

Do you know deep within that some of these gaps in your communication skills are holding you back from personal career success and satisfaction?

  • Have you been promoted but feel insecure about your communication? Meaning that you want more vocal power and presence to speak in clear, impactful, inclusive, and considerate language to influence and lead others
  • You've been told that you just don't understand the impact your words have on others, which is affecting your relationships
  • Are you losing credibility in front of your teams? You know that your voice and delivery are not reflecting your position, authority or the level of contributions you make
  • You're highly educated, introverted and introspective, but you want to speak with more brevity, flow and passion like an extrovert when called for
  • A performance review said that you lack in "executive presence" especially in the communication arena
  • Are you finally ready to move beyond your fear of stumbling or coming across as stiff on camera?
  • You have reached the point where you want to anchor a powerful stillness practice which will calm your nerves, slow your pace, allow you to stay in the moment while actively listening, give you the ability to respond vs. react, show you how to handle Q&A and hecklers, and make you more relatable and connected to your team, clients and partners
  • This year you're making higher-stakes presentations in front of your departments either in-person or on camera and you can't afford to fail or look bad
  • You or your key executives simply must have better conversations to grow revenue, build relationships, and have more cooperation from clients and customers

Who is this program for? C-Suite, Founders, Directors, Managers, Business Owners and Professionals.

You're a person who desires from the depths of your heart and spirit to move beyond the gaps in your communication skills and get to a place of confidence, peace and mastery. You know that when you speak and present better, you'll look better. You will be offered promotions, opportunities, and earn more money. If you're the boss, your new skills will trickle down and uplevel your entire company. This exclusive, private, concierge 1:1 coaching will give you the confidence and trust that is necessary for you to move forward in your professional and personal life as a solid, upleveled communicator.

With transformative coaching, there are shifts that will occur for you on every level of your being including physically, vocally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually (energetically). Exciting, yes?

Measurable results clients have reported: promotions to CEO or a better position, being seen as promotion ready, salary increases, asked to speak on behalf of her company, his presentation for the board was extremely well received, a marked increase in my confidence, our sales went up, company communication improved across my teams, I now have the ability to interview well, and I am experiencing improved relationships with my co-workers, employees, and partners.

Intangible results meaning the benefits of changing the way you feel or your "feeling state" clients have reported: feeling seen & heard when I speak, I'm liking the way my voice sounds now, I was called charismatic for the first time, an enhanced ability to handle Q&A sessions, I'm remaining calmer when confronted, I connected to my audience in a whole new way, feeling new cooperation and support from people I work with, feeling a heightened sense of curiosity and possibility within me, improved relationships with my husband and children, and cohorts exclaiming, "I've never seen you make a presentation like that before - wow!"

Just the Facts - here's what's included in this 10 week Offering

  • This is for the executive who wants to 10x their influence and impact (yep, this is the fast track)
  • Ten (10) 1:1 exclusive, private, one hour coaching sessions with (me) Dr. Miluna via recorded Zoom video
  • In this program we will meet for 10 consecutive weeks. (You will have 2 weeks of flexibility, should unexpected shifts in schedule arise).
  • Compassionate review of emails, presentations, or recordings of you in action (feedback will be delivered via email and live on Zoom)
  • Homework will be assigned to you each week
  • Email and telephone support throughout your training – you stay supported and accountable

Dr. Miluna's Background & Credentials:

  • Miracle-Minded Coach – Trained & Certified by Marianne Williamson
  • American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness, New York City
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner (HHCP) and Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology
  • ARCH® Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing
  • Certified Vibrational Energy Healing Practitioner and Kahuna ARCH® Intuitive
  • Indiana State University
  • B.S. Music Business with a Minor in Voice Performance
  • Certified Level 3 Somatic Voicework™ Teacher, NYC
  • Voiceworks® Associate, Lisa Popeil, LA

These degrees and certificates are accompanied by private study and coaching in business, metaphysics, singing, acting, camera technique, improvisation, and care of the professional voice.

Tap into your Inner Voice, go beyond Words and Delivery to Influence & Persuade

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