Pitch Perfect 1:1 Excecutive Retainer

Looking for a Long Term Relationship to Build your Communication Skills?

Who is this program for? C-Suite, Recently Promoted Executives, Wanting to be Promoted Executives, Directors, Team Leads and New Professionals

With this type of support, there are shifts that will occur for you on every level of your being including physically, vocally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually (energetically). Exciting, yes?

Measurable results clients have reported: I know how to handle myself in my new position, I interviewed well & have been offered a position, I got a raise, I volunteered for the first time to provide training to my entire company, I felt confident with my acceptance speech when our company won a prestigious award, you taught me how to navigate communication with a jealous co-worker, our revenue increased, and I'm now making videos that I'm proud to put out there!

Intangible results meaning the benefits of changing the way you feel or your "feeling state" clients have reported: these strategies have helped me feel positive in speaking to my employees in my new role, I feel more attractive, my posture has improved, my camera presence is now solid, you trained me how to be a fantastic panelist, I have improved relationships with my family, and I'm having fun speaking in public on behalf of my business for the first time.

Just the Facts - here's what's included in the Executive Retainer

  • Long term support for the executive in a new position or the leader desiring to make steady and consistent progress towards a promotion, job opportunities, and career dreams come true this year
  • Focuses on uncovering your true potential as a leader, upleveling your speaking, smart verbal communication strategies, navigating your company's culture, and your ability to make clear, charismatic presentations (like a Rockstar)
  • Two (2) 1:1 exclusive, private one hour coaching sessions with (me) Dr. Miluna via recorded Zoom video each month
  • An autographed copy of Dr. Miluna's Forbes book Uplevel your Communication will be mailed to you
  • Compassionate review of you leading meetings virtually, your presentations, or job interviews (feedback will be delivered via email and live on Zoom)
  • Email support throughout your training – you stay supported and accountable

Dr. Miluna's Background & Credentials:

  • Miracle-Minded Coach – Trained & Certified by Marianne Williamson
  • American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness, New York City
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner (HHCP) and Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology
  • ARCH® Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing
  • Certified Vibrational Energy Healing Practitioner and Kahuna ARCH® Intuitive
  • Indiana State University
  • B.S. Music Business with a Minor in Voice Performance
  • Certified Level 3 Somatic Voicework™ Teacher, NYC
  • Voiceworks® Associate, Lisa Popeil, LA

These degrees and certificates are accompanied by private study and coaching in business, metaphysics, singing, acting, camera technique, improvisation, and care of the professional voice.

Make this the year that everything changes for you as a Leader

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