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Award winning Forbes Book

Thank you to these Folks who sent in Pictures!


Jody Royee, owner of Monterey Marketing 360 - Monterey, California

Just Got my Copy on Kindle UPLEVEL YOUR Communication: Evolve Your Presence and Speech to Change Everything by Dr. Miluna Fausch. So excited to dig into it.

Loved the Book Release today! We really enjoyed ourselves. Celebrating YOU xoxo


Vanessa Russell, Founder of Love Never Fails - San Francisco Bay Area

ITBiz students are blessed to have Dr. Miluna Fausch teach each cohort about the power of voice. I just finished reading her new book titled, “Uplevel Your Communication” and appreciate the reminder that our deepest pain and disappointment can provide a pathway to our purpose. Also the communication advice for CEOs and leaders is timely and important especially in this new post pandemic world when so many are coming out of a mental health fog.

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Moises Garcia

Dr.Miluna Fausch, just received your copy of your amazing book: "Uplevel Your Communication Evolve Your Presence and Speech to Change Everything"

I like page 71 the 2nd paragraph: "Now, The kind of voice you have will be related to the kind of energy you project. I like how you acknowledge this and you follow up with: "But what is energy exactly? We can't see it, But we can feel it.

That is so true thank you for inspiring us and sharing your gifts and talents with us congratulations stay healthy, safe, blessed and much love.


Moises Bladimir Garcia Flores


Tonya Montgomery, owner of Signature Day Spa - Carmel, California