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Your voice and your presence matter — it’s time to show up and speak in a manner that reflects who you are! Pitch Perfect Executive speaking, headed by Dr. Miluna Fausch, is here to deliver the results you’re after by elevating your speaking and communication skills for CEO and founders, entrepreneurs, and startups.

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Vocal Habits That Cost You Credibility

When you lack confidence in your role and are unsteady in your voice — whether you’re speaking to a small team or in a large meeting — your impact and credibility dissolve.

What does this look like? You may be undermining your credibility through subtle nuances such as a variable pitch, fidgeting, bringing too little energy, rapid pacing, and beyond.

Credibility is about what you’re saying, but also how you’re saying it!

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What Is Executive Charisma? (And Why It’s Important )

Executives have a lot of pressure and eyes on them, so being confident in your voice and the message that is being delivered is vital.

Executive charisma has depth and intention — it’s about being in front of people and allowing yourself to not only be vulnerable, but to be seen. People, after all, know when you’re hiding, and this is a surefire way to expunge confidence.

It’s important to be clear and confident while delivering emphatic energy and correct pacing — this grabs the attention and confidence of the people around you to help draw them in.

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Leading Meetings With Clear & Inclusive Language

Inclusive and courageous communication is a non-negotiable in today’s workplace. Therefore, it’s integral to lead with clear and polite communication that invites and inspires.

Not only will inclusive language drive enhanced employee relationships interpersonally and with clients, but it will also lend itself to an improved ROI!

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Your Voice Is Your Brand

Your voice is powerful and it can take you far! Learn more about the anatomy of your voice and how belief and mindset play into your personal branding.

Whatever you’re getting hung up on, you can level up your speaking and communication skills with Pitch Perfect Executive Speaking!

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