What to Say to Someone About their Voice

I have been asked by several people-what is the best way to approach someone else about their Voice? Our Voice is personal, close to us; yes it is a huge part of our identity! Somehow, there is a belief that the voice cannot be or does not need to be trained. Someone who had a bad experience with a voice coach back in 1746 must have started that rumor. If you know someone who is at the top of their game in every other area of life, but their Voice is/may be/could be holding them back from greatness…here are some ways to proceed with candor and sensitivity.

Here are three tips that could help you start a conversation:

1. Tell them a story about someone else’s success (you may use these true stories from my client files).

I read about a trial lawyer who built her confidence and won more cases by taking voice lessons. Her voice was very high pitched and she needed to project more power and influence.

One of my friends is a doctor who tapes weekly television shows. He takes voice and singing lessons to keep his speaking voice strong and youthful sounding.

2. Ask them, “Do you get nervous before you speak in public?” A friend told me about her cousin, the CEO of a large company, who took voice lessons to relieve his anxiety over speaking and presenting in public. He realized that his company’s growth depended on his ability to communicate effectively.

3. Talk about an article you read sharing how voice lessons help executives.

And, you may know about the benefits to your career of learning to speak better, but have you also thought about these additional benefits?

· Helping someone with breathing challenges breathe easier by developing their lung capacity through breathing and voice work?

· Assisting a person whose native tongue is not English by learning the language through poetry (or music) which is the fastest way to learn correct pronunciation, vocabulary and be more easily understood?