Pay Attention to your Words if you want to sell More

In my world of it’s in the way you present yourself, let’s talk about your choice of words, in other words (pun very much intended), your language.

Are the words you are choosing those of lack or those of wealth? Are you uttering those of increasing sales and opportunity or alienating the customer or client?

Let me give you an example. Typically when you enter a restaurant solo the host says, just one? As if you are incomplete or couldn’t get a date. At Max’s Opera Café they will give you something free if you are greeted in that way by the host. Train your greeters to say party of one? I am capable of having a party all by myself, thank you.

Here is another example. Don’t ask if we want to see the dessert menu because most people of us will say, no, I am too full. Train your wait staff to present the dessert menu and watch your sales go up. Or, simply bring that dessert cart or tray to entice our senses and suddenly we become a lot less full. Some studies show dessert sales go up by 30% with this approach. Associates at McDonald’s say, “Do you want fries with that” for a reason – more sales.

Have you noticed the current trend which is the repetition of the words No and Yes? One No and one Yes will do, thank you. The same word repeated several times can come across as scolding or downright disrespectful and your message is easily lost.

How about this one? How many times have you been at a retail store ready to pay when the clerk greets you with is that all? Whaddaya mean – am I not buying enough? Better to say what else can I help you with today or is there something else I can help you find?

Craft your words carefully and make it easy for people to do business with you!