Can you Hear Me Now?

A few years back, I was at a professional meeting sponsored by a highly successful businesswoman. The room was very large and packed and she stepped up to the microphone to welcome us to the meeting. I know for a fact that she speaks in public frequently, so we can’t chalk this up to inexperience.

She began speaking in a somewhat quiet and high pitched Voice far away from the microphone, attempting to talk over the loud and noisy room. People kept talking and talking, finally stopping as she neared the end of her opening announcements. Hum. Ineffective. Unprofessional. I had trouble hearing her words, and since it was my first time at this meeting, I wanted to be sure I was following proper protocol!

Here are three tips to make sure this is not happening to you in your business.

1. Before your meeting and before you begin your presentation, take some deep breaths from your lower belly, gather your energy and power in your body, set your intention, and boldly approach the podium.

2. Pause when you get to the podium. Hold your energy and get that wonderful microphone ready (think of the microphone as your amplifier and your friend).

3. You may need to hold up your hand and request the attention of your audience. You may need to say, “Give me your attention please”. You may need to repeat that statement. Then, wait for people to stop talking! At some of my workshops, I sound a chime. Any sound that is a different frequency and timbre cuts through the noise and gets people’s attention.

This is the difference between commanding the room and attracting the attention vs. chasing after your audience.

Your voice matters - let people hear you!