AI by Pitch Perfect Executive Speaking

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We are proud to announce our newest tool to help you excel at public speaking and communication! Think of this as your perfect place to practice without the pressure of an audience. You can visit our website at any hour of any day, even in your pajamas, to prepare and practice.

AI by Pitch Perfect Executive Speaking is powered by Yoodli and developed by experts. The website gives you expert feedback backed by years of research, feedback and experience.

PLUS, you get private 1:1 feedback directly from Dr. Miluna. Her feedback will be based on the culmination of her work illustrated in her award-winning Forbes Book UpLevel your Communication: Evolve your Presence and Speech to Change Everything.


What can you Expect?

Probable results are that you will be seen as a confident and powerful communicator, fully expressing with skill, ease and grace from a sales presentation all the way to the board room.

This work is for individuals and for companies who desire to UpLevel their communication and grow their leaders and companies.

You will be well prepared for opportunities and promotions within your industry. Oh, and did we mention that this will change your energy, make you more money, and change your life?

Are you ready to learn best communication practices for today's complicated, global and tech-driven companies?

Includes a monthly subscription to the AI Pitch Perfect Executive Speaking portal including personal 1:1 feedback from Dr. Miluna!

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Book a Pitch Perfect Assessment for a Demo & Discussion to see if this is Right for your Company!