Who Am I?

Here's my personal story aka love letter to you ~

If you should ever doubt your ability to move nations (and mountains and people) with your voice and way of speaking watch the film The King’s Speech with Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Guy Pearce.

In fact, I believe that the world is calling out for effective, dynamic, responsible leaders with heart. Those who practice what I call the six (6) C's of language arts: Consciousness, Clarity, Courage, Courtesy, Compassion and inClusion.

There are layers and levels and subtleties that most executives and speakers never even tap into! Your voice, your presence, your delivery, and the words you choose all matter. I've been in love with the voice since I was a little girl, in my backyard swinging and singing all of the television commercial jingles, while dreaming of becoming a famous singer or a race car driver.

I have an intuitive and pragmatic problem-solving perspective coming from multi-faceted experience in the 9-to-5 world, in retail, as an entrepreneur, as an investor, serving on non-profit boards, and on stage and screen as a performer. I sold everything from Steinway grands to magazine advertising.

A thirst for an understanding of each aspect of successful acting, entrepreneurship, and a rich spiritual life led me to a B.S. in Music Business, certifications as an intuitive, an energy healer and Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner (HHCP), a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology, and private training and classes in business, real estate, singing, acting, and improvisation. Fall of 2021 brought Miracle-Minded Coaching training and certification with Marianne Williamson.

I’m an intuitive sound healer who hears the frequency of sounds (yes, I can identify cars by the sound of their engine). Crippling self doubt and severe stage fright were 'interrupters' that I had to overcome and I faced two major surgeries to remove a fist sized tumor from the right side of my head. This taught me so much, including that I had to take care of myself first in order to save my own life, while facing what it takes to triumph over and heal from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial impact a serious illness brings.

In the Human Design teachings, I am the (very rare) Manifestor. If one word does not resonate, I can hear it and feel it. I'm designed to Experiment and Illuminate and have the sensitivity, training, and experience to know what works and what doesn't.

I promise to see your Wholeness and your Potentiality and will assist you in removing the "static interference" while turning up the volume on your inner Voice so that you and your leadership might excel and thrive. Oh, it's time!

You will find me in meditation & spiritual studies, going to concerts, the theatre and lectures, wine tasting, dancing, enjoying Swiss chocolate, and watching Formula 1 auto racing. I do my best to avoid eating an entire bag of Jelly Belly® jelly beans at one time.