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Your Voice is the key to your professional success!

Your voice needs to carry a resonance of power. What do I mean by that?

A rich and strong voice says to other people, "I'm confident and know who I am. I'm powerful." People will listen to you more. You will have more authority and credibility. Others will trust you more.

Whether it's leading a Board meeting, directing your leadership team, or your first TEDx Talk, your voice and stage presence speak volumes about you.

According to The Economist - in a study of executives - people who "sound right" and have a richer voice make more money and have a marked advantage in their careers. It's not so much what you say as how you say it - the key is your delivery.

Warren Buffett said, "You can improve your value by 50% by learning one skill - communication skills - public speaking."

Beyond this, the deeper gift is an ability to influence and impact the world for good as you speak and present. It's the art and science of compelling communication. And that's priceless.

Master confident, intentional public speaking to impact your Leadership!

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Dr. Miluna

Dr. Miluna created her proprietary 7-step Vocal Archetypes® system to train smart, heart-centered, conscientious leaders from around the globe in confident and compelling communication, voice, and presence. She has coached CEOs, C-Suite and Senior Managers from great companies like Google, Chevron, Peloton, Forge Global, Honeywell, Zinier, AdRoll, Softdocs, Hyve Solutions, Unity Technologies, Rakon, Capgemini, and Dominion Energy.

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