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Unlock your Voice, Presence, and Delivery to Step into your True Power!

Respected leaders will move beyond abstract concepts of presence and speech to the embodiment of enlightened, inclusive, kind communication centered in your smart heart!

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Meet Dr. Miluna Fausch

When you change your voice and change your words, your influence and impact for good increase. When you trust your own voice, you show up fully in person or on video. Are you ready to break down the barriers to being your best self?

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Dr. Miluna

Has an intuitive and scientific problem-solving perspective with experience in 9 – 5, retail, as an entrepreneur, investor, serving on nonprofit boards, and on stage and screen as a performer. She has sold everything from magazine advertising to Steinway grand pianos. Miluna is an intuitive sound healer who hears the frequency of sounds, words and music.

Dr. Miluna created her proprietary 7-step Vocal Archetypes℠ system to train heart-centered, conscientious leaders from around the globe in confident and compelling communication, voice, and presence.

She has coached CEOs, C-Suite and Senior Managers from great companies like Google, Chevron, Peloton, Zinier, AdRoll, Softdocs, Hyve Solutions, Unity Technologies and Dominion Energy.

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What is a Communication Coach?

Words From Dr. Mitzi Perdue

Mitzi Perdue (Mrs. Frank Perdue) is the author of several books including Tough Man, Tender Chicken, Business & Life Lessons from Frank Perdue. Her father founded the Sheraton Hotel chain and she is an accomplished businesswoman dedicated to ending human trafficking through her organization, Win This Fight.

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My Services


Pitch Perfect For CEOs

Is a lack of dynamic, effective communication stalling the leadership of your company? Communication breakdowns are caused when your speech is not at the level of your position, knowledge, or true capacity to lead.

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Pitch Perfect For Startups

Despite the hustle and everyone's opinions, you want to be true to your company while you maintain your inner circle, keep investors happy, and relationships solid. Are you ready for a voice and clarity that comes from your own wisdom?

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Pitch Perfect 1:1 Training

Do you feel your success has been a result of your resume or where you went to school? You trained your mind and intellect, are you now ready to go to a deeper level of work focused on presence and happiness?

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Pitch Perfect 1:1 Voice Activation

Do you feel that your inner voice is not expressed? Are you not speaking up as you would like to?

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What Dr. Miluna's Clients Say

What is a Communication Coach?

Your voice, your words and the way you speak matter. You are the voice of your company, the brand, and you have a message that only you can share!