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I will transform you into a confident, influential, and impactful leader using my 7-Step Vocal Archetypes® System

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Does this sound like you?


You feel anxious when speaking in front of large groups of people


You struggle to connect with your audience and present what truly matters


You feel unsure in high stakes situations such as interviews and board meetings as the leader

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I Have Helped Hundreds of Executives Like You

1. Transform into Leaders

2. Be More Confident

3. Learn to Pitch in a Business Setting

4. Reduce Limiting Beliefs

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Tonya Hofmann - CEO & Founder Bee Konnected

Miluna Fausch is not only intelligent and well spoken but gives so much real world content that the audience is mesmerized the whole time and has a real to do list that they know they can achieve every point that she made. I love having Miluna speak at all my events because I never have to worry about having a disappointed crowd… they are always asking to have her come and speak again and again!


Arina Bobrova - Startup Founder

I have taken Dr. Miluna’s coaching sessions on several occasions to prepare for a public speaking event and important meetings. Every time Dr. Miluna did magic – I felt confident, absolutely ready, and influential. Sessions with Dr. Miluna felt like ones with a mentor or a knowledgeable friend who tirelessly yet kindly pushes you to overcome any communication or mental barriers and make a difference with your message.


Christian Farioli - Digital Marketing Lecturer, Digital Transformation Advisor, Digital Agency CDO, Keynote Speaker

Miluna is a very talented woman. All topics I learn have never been covered by any other trainer. If anyone is looking to pitch to a VC, Miluna is the person that can multiply the chances to get funded.


Meet Dr. Miluna

Dr. Miluna created her proprietary 7-step Vocal Archetypes® System to train smart, heart-centered, conscientious leaders from around the globe in confident and compelling communication, voice, and presence. She has coached CEOs, C-Suite and Senior Managers from great companies like Google, Chevron, Peloton, Forge Global, Honeywell, Zinier, AdRoll, Softdocs, Hyve Solutions, Unity Technologies, Rakon, Capgemini, and Dominion Energy.

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More Success Stories

Tanu Jammalamadaka

"You helped me earn a new position in a senior level as a director in a very big firm."

Kevin Fawver

"You've allowed me to be much more empowered and be able to have an equal seat at the table with my management team, with my colleagues, even outside of work."

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I designed this system based on the four stages and age ranges a person moves through in their life and career. These aspects and voices are already inside of you at all times, and my system will identify what voice and presence to use when for maximum impact. The 7-steps are from beginning to end what we will cover and what your results will be. Have no fear, you don't have to remember any of the steps, it's really the how behind the magic, and I will lead and guide you in your personal transformation.

Each client receives a custom recipe for the role they are assuming (or want to assume) - for example - the CEO of a company or the Executive Director of a Non-profit. The way you speak and present to one of your team members is different from how you speak and present to your Board of Directors. It's still the real you, but you will discover more range, dynamics, and confidence through my method. You will learn how to be appropriate, inclusive, considerate and culturally sensitive in order to evolve your leadership and make the impact that you are here to make. This work is challenging, deep, can-do, and fun!

My custom programs range from 30 days all the way up to 6 months or one year. These coaching programs are designed to work rapidly and well and give you all the time you need to put lasting change and new habits into place.

Your coaching sessions are 1:1, private, exclusive, and custom to your needs, always addressing what is showing up in your life at each session. You will be assigned exercises and homework and depending on the program, I will want to see your slide deck, presentation or outline ahead of time by email. You have access to me and support from me throughout the entire program via email, text and phone.

Indeed! Here are just a few of the many results clients have reported:

  1. I finally stopped my habit of saying "um" and "ah" every few words. I notice how much more effective this has made me as a leader.
  2. After only 6 weeks of working with you, I was offered a senior level position at a different company with more money and prestige and I love my new job!
  3. I found my voice and confidence and finally started speaking up in company meetings. This has made all the difference in the world to my career.
  4. For the first time, I volunteered for a media interview at my firm. Before, I was terrified. I actually enjoyed myself.
  5. The shareholders of my company gave 100% positive feedback about my presentations as the new CEO. Even the CFO had a compliment for me and that was very unusual for him!
  6. I led a company-wide training for the first time and received raves and great reviews. You've changed my life and career.
  7. I felt called to make videos for Youtube, with messages of social change to uplift the world. Before your coaching, I had no idea of what I was going to say or how I would pull this off. You helped me realize that my voice mattered and that I did have something very important to say.
  8. As a healer and teacher, my voice and delivery are key to my success. Working with you gave me confidence in my work, opened up my throat and voice, deepened my spiritual practice, and helped me evolve in a very short period of time.